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    Basic Moses Basket Bassinet Set

    $ 209.00
    Wholesome Linen's Basic Moses Basket Set Includes: Moses Basket made from Natural Woven Palm Leaves Organic Linen Mattress Pad stuffed with Hypoallergenic Flax Tow and Mattress Cover Made From Un-dyed, Un-bleached,...

    End SIDS Newborn Moses Basket Bassinet Set

    $ 269.00
    Wholesome Linen's End SIDS Newborn Moses Basket Bassinet Set Includes: Moses Basket made from Natural Woven Palm Leaves Organic Moses Basket Mattress stuffed with Flax Tow and Mattress Cover made from...

    Moses Basket Stand in Natural & Grey Wood

    $ 129.95
    Moses Basket Stands with Rocking Motion to Soothe Your Baby To Sleep. The gentle rocking motion helps lull your baby off into dreamland. This lightweight moses basket stand is easy...

    Organic Flax Cradle & Cot Mattress

    $ 159.95
    Our Wholesome Linen Mattress for Cradle or Bassinet comes in various rectangular sizes. It is breathable and non toxic baby mattress made with 100% Linen cover and 7 layers of flax tow...

    Organic Flax Crib & Toddler Mattress

    $ 289.95
    Wholesome Linen Crib Mattresses are breathable and non toxic pads made entirely from Organic European Flax Plant. Flax Fiber stuffing and 100% Linen Fabric cover create firm / safe /...

    Organic Flax Mattress Custom Made for Bassinet, Cradle or Crib

    $ 119.95
    Made to order Wholesome Linen Mattresses for Moses Basket, Bassinet, Cradle or Crib come in various oval and rectangular sizes. These breathable and non toxic baby mattresses made with 100% Natural Organic...

    Organic Flax Mattress for Moses Basket & Bassinet

    $ 115.95
    Our Wholesome Linen Organic Mattress for Moses Basket, Bassinet or Cradle comes in various oval sizes. This a natural hypoallergenic way to protect and create a safe & sustainable environment...

    Organic Honeycomb Baby Blanket

    $ 129.00
    Our ultra-soft essential baby blanket is crafted from organic flax which is soft and snuggly texture made from 100% European Flax features a honeycomb knit in neutral unisex Grey Flax...

    Organic Infant Car Seat Covers and Stroller Liners

    $ 69.00
    Age 0 - 1.5 years Size 28 x 18 x 1 inches Wholesome Linen Infant Car Seat Cover makes any car seat or stroller ride cool and dry for your baby.  Our...

    Organic Linen Baby Sleep Sack

    $ 69.00
    After your baby has transitioned from swaddling, experts recommend your baby should graduate to a wearable blanket for sleep. Wholesome Linen Organic Sleep Sack is soft, high-quality, and features a...

    Organic Linen Bibs with Wooden Teething Ring

    $ 24.95
    Wholesome Linen Elegant Linen Bibs are made with soft unbleached flax linen for high absorbency with nickel free snaps which lets you adjust the bibs for your babies comfort. These...

    Organic Linen Crib Skirt

    $ 119.95
    This Organic Crib Skirt from wholesome natural crib bedding collection is made from softened and pre-washed 100% Linen fabric making this crib bed skirt soft and beautiful. All our organic...

    Organic Moses Basket Wedge Edge

    $ 39.95
    Wholesome Linen's Organic Flax Bumper Wedge Edge for Newborns from 0-6 months is made from all 100% natural materials that are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-fugal & anti-microbial. Stuffed with pressed flax...

    Organic Quilt & Pillow Toddler Travel Set

    $ 159.95
    Wholesome Linen Toddler Pillow & Quilt Set includes:  Organic Linen Toddler Quilt Blanket stuffed with organic flax, wrapped in pure European linen fabric in natural light gray color Organic Toddler...

    Organic Toddler Car Seat Covers & Stroller Liners

    $ 69.00
    Wholesome Linen Toddler Car Seat Cover will keep your toddlers carseat or stroller ride cool and dry. Crafted from 100% organic linen fabric includes our special internal raw flax membrane...
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