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From Traditional Cradles to Modern Bassinets: A Brief History of Baby Sleep Furniture

From Traditional Cradles to Modern Bassinets: A Brief History of Baby Sleep Furniture.

Evolution of the Baby Bassinet from the 15th Century to the 21st Century.

For centuries, the Baby Bassinet has been a mainstay of the nursery, giving infants a safe and cozy place to sleep But fewer of us are aware of how long the infant bassinet has been around. Bassinets have been used to keep babies secure and comfortable since the 15th century. Although their designs have evolved over time, the fundamental idea has not changed: providing a secure and cozy sleeping environment for infants. The first bassinets, or "cradles," as they were called at the time, are thought to have been utilized in Europe in the 15th century.

15th Century Primitive Bassinet - Wholesome Linen

They were suspended from a beam or a wall and were built of wood, with a mattress and a hooded canopy. These were made to keep infants secure and at ease as they slept, shielding them from threats like drafts. Bassinets gained popularity in the United States in the 17th century. Often constructed of wicker, these bassinets had a slatted bottom that allowed air to flow around the infant. These bassinets still had the hooded canopy and a straw-filled mattress as standard features. The bassinet's design underwent a significant modification in the 19th century. As adjustable height mechanisms and metal frames gained popularity, it was possible to raise the bassinet to the ideal height.

Medieval Bassinet with hooded canopy | Wholesome Linen

With the addition of padding made from additional natural materials like wool, cotton, and flax, mattresses also became more comfortable. The bassinet had evolved into a common component of the nursery by the turn of the 20th century. When manufacturers like Graco and Fisher-Price started producing bassinets, the designs became more complex and included features like adjustable heights and rocking mechanics. The bassinet of today is very different from those in the past. With a variety of features including wheels, adjustable heights, and rocking mechanics, many bassinets are now manufactured of plastic. Even some bassinets include an integrated sound system to calm the infant like SNOO bassinet keeps track of Baby's needs and responds with soothing rocking motions. 

21st Century Futuristic Bassinet - Wholesome Linen

Since it was invented in the 15th century, the baby bassinet has advanced significantly. Its lengthy history has seen it change from a traditional wooden cradle to a cutting-edge piece of furniture. Nowadays, the bassinet is still an essential component of the nursery, giving infants a secure and cozy area to sleep. To satisfy the needs of any family, Wholesome Linen offers a large selection of bassinets and other nursery accessories. You can discover a bassinet that matches your nursery with our choice of styles and colors. In order to guarantee your baby sleeps in the highest comfort and security, we also provide a variety of mattresses and bedding. Explore our collection of bassinets and other nursery accessories by visiting our website right away!

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