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Safe Sleep Tips for Babies

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Safe Sleep for Babies - Wholesome Linen Blog

Baby Sleep Safety has become essential reading for any current or future mamas and papas. Just like every other cause worth noting, Baby Safety gets it’s own month, which happens to be September is an opportunity to educate, remind and reinforce all the great lessons we have learned with regards to baby safety...

Wholesome Traditions of Dying Easter Eggs Naturally

Wholesome recipe of dying easter eggs naturally
Easter weekend is now upon us. As the holiday calendar rolls into spring, we wanted to post a blog sharing with you one of our favorite Wholesome traditions of Dying Easter Eggs Naturally with onion skins and beeswax...

How We Became One of Kourtney Kardashian's Wholesome Obsessions

Nontoxic Teething Toys


Yes, Kourtney Kardashian declared Wholesome Linen's 100% Organic Bib & Teether Gift Set as one of her new favorite obsessions on her personal blog. Hooray!

We had just added this particular item to our line-up of Baby and Toddler Unisex Essentials only a few weeks back.

We also run through the list of other products Kourtney Kardashian chose as her favorite Non-Toxic Teethers

Wholesome Borscht Recipe for Babies & Toddlers

Wholesome Borscht Recipe for Babies & Toddlers
Borscht is a super wholesome soup with modest origins in Eastern Europe where it is often prepared as a hearty warm soup in the winter or simply as a cooled thin broth to drink in the summer. Yummy and nourishing red beet soup will not leave a single family member disappointed. We want to share with you this wholesome recipe adapted to a babies diet after 8 months...

5 Tips How to Photograph a Toddler on Camera

5 Tips How To Photograph a Toddler - Wholesome Linen Blog
Toddlers tend to give an most honest, pure and genuine expression to the camera lens. The real difficulty is to capture it, because boy oh boy they are restless, quick and generally extremely hard to catch sitting in one place.
Wholesome Linen brings to you some tips to help you get that perfect photo: