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Infant & Toddler Organic Sleep Essentials - Wholesome Linen

We make your baby & toddlers sleep Safe & Wholesome!

We make our products soft, hypo-allergenic, machine washable and long lasting. We make them with 100% organic raw flax fibers, without adding any dyes or bleaches. We source our flax from certified organic farms in Europe where it has been grown the same way for generations. We turn it into high quality essential sleep products that we deliver to you from Denver, Colorado.

We are confident in the craftsmanship of our products and want to share this with you. We cut, stitch, stuff each piece with quality & care. We offer a 3 year Warranty on all our goods.

We strive to make the best product of its kind that improves the health and comfort of all our customers and their families.

Wholesome Linen products are recommended from the earliest of ages to our elders and everyone who cares about the essential quality of sleep time.

It’s Simple, Your Families Sleep is Precious, #LetsMakeItWholesome


    Wholesome Linen Products Quality Features & Certifications

    Wholesome Linen Products Quality Features & Certifications


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