Kingsley's First Tiny Pillow

A few weeks back we met up with a really charming toddler named Kingsley at his home in Edmonton, Canada. We were told by his parents, John & Christine, that this 2 year old was ready for his very first 'Tiny Pillow'.  We were in the neighborhood so we decided to drop in and deliver it ourselves.  

Meeting and observing kids like Kingsley is priceless to our design process.  It's so illuminating, exciting and necessary for us at Wholesome Linen to see our end users initial reactions to the products we make.  We build things for infants and toddlers who rely heavily on their natural instincts to figure out whats good for them and what is not. 

When Kingsley's father John gave him his new pillow, he naturally hugged and began snuggling with it, we knew this pair was a match made in snoozing heaven.  Toddler's spend between 12 and 14 hours a day sleeping so their first pillow is an important thing. If you can work it out so that your child associates a comfy pillow like our tiny pillow with nap time it makes our job being super parents that much easier.

We can all agree that a well rested, nourished and loved baby is in a better position to achieve to their full potential. When we look at Kingsley with his Wholesome Linen Tiny Pillow, we see an aspiring entrepreneur, a talented musician and a sheer bundle of joy.  

Speaking of aspiring entrepreneurs, talented musicians and bundles of joys :) Mr Jonathan Aherne, a kind dear friend of Wholesome Linen composed a lovely piece of music for the soundtrack of the video we made for you.  Jonny's day job is playing bass with The Temper Trap who are out touring an album.  He also has a solo project coming out soon




"The best reward we get is from seeing our little costumers enjoying our wholesome products."

- Wholesome Linen

Toddler Kingsley on his First Tiny Pillow by Wholesome Linen