Wholesome Eco Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Wholesome Linen

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s can remember those awful halloween costumes consisting of plastic mask and apron brought to you by your local Walmart. Today there is no need to pass down this horrible traditions to our own children. Nowadays there are tons of alternatives to make halloween costumes more wholesome.  Specially handcrafted and knitted costumes can be purchased online or we can make due with household items if you are looking to pass on a 'do it yourselfer’ attitude to your lil tots.

Here are 6 examples of Wholesome Eco Halloween Costumes for Toddlers:

Lil Red Fox - Wholesome Linen Eco Halloween Costume

In a spirit of Halloween we styled our mini brand ambassador Sophia in a "Lil Red Fox" costume made up of:

As parents we often get so busy with our lives not noticing halloween creep up on us. We are sometimes unable to order and prepare costumes in advance. With halloween just around the corner here are some ideas for using common household items if you are in a last minute stitch:

1. Spooky Ghost
Take an old white sheet, cut a few holes and voila, you have a spoooooky ghost, the closer to the floor, the cuter :)

Spooky Sheet Over Head Ghost - DIY Wholesome Eco Halloween Costume


2. Gauze Baby Mummy
Grab a body suit and some bandages to make the cutest DIY mummy costume ever. Pictures of your baby mummy will preserve your lil ones cuteness through the ages

Baby Toddler Mummy - DIY Wholesome Eco Halloween Costume

3. Cardboard Dinosaur
Costumes made from cardboard boxes can be so imaginative, fun and cheap to make! Absolutely nothing to sew and if you have more then 1 child they can show their own uniqueness with their very own customizations

Cardboard Dinosaur Costume - DIY Wholesome Eco Halloween Costume


4. Rollhead Toilet Paper Wig
All rise, the court is now in session the verdict is your baby has been found guilty of killing them in the first degree with their adorable costume

Rollhead Toilet Paper Wig - DIY Wholesome Eco Halloween Costume


5. Lil Yummy S'mores
Who doesn’t like s’mores? Pillows are not only for bedtime, just place your mignon in between 2 pillows and dip them in chocolate, just be sure to keep them away from the campfire

Lil Yummy S'mores - DIY Wholesome Eco Halloween Costume


We here at Wholesome Linen wish you a Happy Halloween! :)