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5 Wholesome Gift Ideas for Toddlers

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5 Wholesome Gifts for the Toddlers

Its almost Christmas and you are scrambling to clear your gift list.  Sure Google and Pinterest are your friends but what to type in that search box?
Thankfully we at Wholesome Linen have taken all the work out of finding that special something for those toddlers in your life.  We scoured the internet to bring to you 5 Wholesome Gift selections.

Kingsley's First Toddler Pillow

Meet toddler Kingsley and his first Tiny Pillow by Wholesome Linen

We can all agree that a well rested, nourished and loved baby is in a better position to achieve to their full potential. When we look at Kingsley snuggling with his Wholesome Linen Toddler Pillow, we see an aspiring entrepreneur, a talented musician and a sheer bundle of joy.  He knows better than anyone, a good nap starts with a great pillow :)

Wholesome Eco Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

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Lil Red Fox - DIY Wholesome Linen Eco Halloween Costume
Anyone who grew up in the 80’s can remember those awful halloween costumes consisting of plastic mask and apron bought from your local Walmart. Today there is no need to pass down the horrible traditions to our own children. There are tons of alternatives to make halloween costumes more wholesome. Specially made handcrafted and knitted costumes can be purchased online or we can make due with household items if you are looking to pass on a 'do it yourselfer’ attitude to your lil tots. Here are 6 examples of Wholesome Eco Halloween Costumes for Toddlers.

Flax Linen Symposium in the USA

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Flax Linen Symposium, New England

The New England Flax and Linen Symposium put on a couple of days where experts from around the world gathered in  Deerfield, Massachusetts for sessions and demoes covering all aspects of flax.

5 Wholesome Facts About Baby Sleep Training

Irregardless of whether you are a parent who chooses a particular method of sleep training or take a more 'laissez-faire' approach, babies need a minimum amount of time to sleep at various stages of their development.

What we know about baby sleep, newborn sleep patterns & infant sleep schedule? 

Here we provide you with tips on how best to develop good baby sleeping habits into their toddler sleep years and beyond.