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How To Make Dandelion Flower & Flax Seed Jam: Step by Step Guide & Recipe

Wholesome Linen Blog - Dandelion Flower & Flax Seed Jam Recipe
Dandelions, some people call them weeds, others harvest them for their medicinal value, we here at Wholesome Linen decided to mix with flax seeds and make a Jam...

8 Step Process Of Turning Flax Plant Into Natural Fiber

Samples vintage french flax fibers

Flax plant (Linus usitatissimum) is believed by many historians to have been introduced into England by the Romans; by the 16th century, laws were enacted requiring that a quarter of an acre (one rood) of flax be planted for every sixty acres under cultivation. Here is great educational video from England in the 1940's explaining the process of turning flax into a fiber...

Wholesome Local Products on display at Denver Spring Flea Market

Denver Flea Market - Wholesome Linen

The Denver Flea took over an entire city block in the RiNo area, officially kicking off spring in the Mile High City. Over 150 Colorado-centric vendors, displaying handmade goods from wholesome and organic materials for parents and their kids, please see below for a selection of some of Wholesome Linen's favorites!...

Linen vs Cotton: Which Fabric is Better for Earth?

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Earth Day: Linen vs Cotton Fabric - Wholesome Linen Blog

Happy Earth Day to our readers!

In this wholesome post we want to share with you a summary of investigation into the sustainability of different kinds of fabrics and suggests steps that you can take to reduce your environmental footprint when choosing fabrics. 

8 Reasons Why Flax Seeds Are Wholesome

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8 Wholesome Benefits of Eating Flax Seeds

Flax seeds have many wonderful health properties. Here are 8 wholesome reasons why you should include them into yours and your family diet.