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Why Linen?

Why Linen?

Wholesome Linen made from Flax Fibers

Why Linen is Wholesome?

The first known textiles were derived from an ancient plant, known as Linum usitatissimum or Common Flax. Nowadays we often mistake the word ‘linen’ to generally describe all bedding, including those made from cotton and poly-blends. In actuality, it is derived from the Latin word for the Flax plant ‘linum’, and the earlier Greek ‘linon’. In fact, this word has also given rise to a number of other western terms including:

Line, derived from the use of a flax thread as a straight ruler to measure from point A to B;

Lining, because flax textiles was often used to create an inner layer for wool and leather clothing;

Lingerie, via French, originally denotes underwear made of flax fabrics.

Wholesome characteristics of linen fabric:

Natural Antiseptic

This important property of flax fabric distinguishes it from other natural fibers.  Anciently known that abrasion under a linen bandage heals much faster. Contained in flax material - silica - prevents the growth of bacteria, suppresses harmful microflora, acting as natural anti-virus, anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent.

Excellent Thermostat 

Natural flax fiber is indispensable for any season. On hot days, a product made of linen creates a cooling effect - the temperature between its surface and the skin stays a few degrees cooler. During cold weather, linen preserves heat and allows you to warm up quicker.

High Absorbability & Permeability 

Flax fibre is capable of rapidly absorbing large amounts of water - up to a quarter of its own weight, while air gaps between the fibers, allowing the skin to breathe and contributes to a comfortable sleep.

Long Lasting 

Flax fabric is known to be 3 times stronger then cotton. Egyptian Mummies have been found wrapped in linens, proving this fabric stands the true test of time.

Today, more and more people are coming back to using flax linen because of the undeniable natural qualities of this wholesome fiber.

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