Organic Flax Baby Crib Mattress for STOKKE Sleepi Mini

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Wholesome Linen Natural & Organic Flax Baby Mattress for STOKKE Sleepi Mini.

Go Organic, Create Natural Comfort & Keep Your Little Bundle Of Joy Safe!

We all want the best for our children, which is why the Wholesome Linen Organic Flax STOKKE Crib Mattress for Sleepi Mini is such a great choice for a baby mattress.

It's made with natural plant materials like flax and linen for support and firmness, yet it's soft to the touch so your baby will be comfortable. And because linen is so breathable and regulates temperature, you won't have to worry about sweaty nights.

Plus, the flax filling is naturally dust mite and mildew resistant, so your baby's environment will be wholesome and healthy.

Best of all, this mattress is made without any chemicals or synthetics, so you can rest assured that your child is safe from harmful materials.

Give your child the gift of a safe and healthy sleep environment with the Wholesome Linen Organic Flax Stokke Mini Crib Mattress.  

  • Made using Organic, Biodegradable, and Sustainable flax linen materials that are soft, gentle on your baby’s skin, and just the right choice for daily use 
  • Hand made using flax fibers that are Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial, Antifungal, and Antimicrobial while being comfy so your baby can sleep soundly    
  • Naturally Resistant to Lice, Dust Mites and Bed Bugs to offer more comfort while ensuring the safety of your baby  
  • NO Harsh Chemicals, Vinyl, PVC, or Phthalates making it the perfect choice for everyday use to keep your baby safe and comfy  
  • Organic Linen Fabric Cover is machine Washable, Quick Drying and Maintains Luxurious Softness even after multiple washes  

100% Organic & Natural Vegan Materials  

When it comes to quality, we make no exceptions. We only use 100% Organic Linen Fabric Cover and Organic Flax Fiber Stuffing without using any plastics, chemicals, PVC, or any other harsh materials to make sure you can use it daily!  

We Know Quality Matters  

Our baby cradle mattresses are extremely Firm, Thick, and Durable. They are made using only premium materials that are sourced from nature to make sure your baby gets nothing but the best! It features durable stitching that won’t come undone anytime soon. 

Gentle & Moisture Wicking  

The bassinet mattress is breathable, offers plenty of air ventilation, and wicks away moisture from the skin. It prevents sweat buildup to keep your baby warm and dry throughout the night.  

Easy To Clean & Maintain  

The linen fabric cover for bassinet mattress can easily be removed and machine washed to keep it fresh. It’s quick-drying and effortless to maintain so you can keep it clean and ready to use whenever you need it 

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee  

This organic bassinet mattress is the most Wholesome Choice for your baby!


      Made to fit

      Stokke Sleepi MINI 23 x 29 x 2 inches

      FLAX FIBER: 2.5 kg (5 lbs)


      Mattress Waxed Zip Cover Protector - 100% Waxed Linen Fabric

      Mattress Cover - 100% Organic Untreated Linen Fabric

      Mattress Stuffing - 100% Organic Flax Fiber

      - NO fire retardant chemicals
      - NO bleach
      - NO dyes
      - NO synthetic fibers
      - NO plastics
      - NO vinyl

      Handmade and hand tufted with linen thread. 

      Care & Wash

      We recommend to follow these steps to flatten and sanitize your mattress before use: 

      1. Place your mattress on the flat surface & spray your mattress with clean water until damp; 
      3. Iron the mattress on 'high' while still wet to create a steaming effect until completely dry;
      4. Repeat if needed until getting the mattress to completely smooth out. 
      5. Air-dry completely, in sunlight if possible;

      Your baby mattress is made from 100% raw flax fibers & 100% untreated linen fabric. Both of these organic materials naturally preserve antibacterial properties and are not afraid of water or hot iron.  

      Wholesome Linen mattresses last for years. There are some rules, though, that should be followed:

      1. Mattress should be rotated once a week in the first two months (top to toe and side to side) to distribute the wear evenly. After this period it is advisable to flip it once a month. 
      2. Once a year, on a sunny day, allow it to air out (sun has a natural cleaning ability). 
      3. Stains should be treated using a solution of one part white vinegar to three parts water and then air-dried completely, in sunlight if possible or iron the mattress on 'high' while still wet to create steaming effect until dry.


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