Organic Flax Baby Bassinet Mattress & Linen Bedding Newborn Essentials - PREMIUM Set

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Wholesome Linen's Organic Flax Baby Bassinet Mattress Newborn Essentials & Linen Bedding  - PREMIUM Set Includes:




Organic Bassinet Mattress

Wholesome Linen's Organic Bassinet Mattress is made from all 100% organic materials that are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-fugal & anti-microbial. Stuffed with seven layers of pressed flax tow stuffing provides the perfect support for your baby development and makes our bassinet mattresses very breathable, helping to control your baby's body temperature and avoid the risk of overheating, as recommended by the American Association of Pediatricians to prevent SIDS.  By contrast, foam mattresses treated with chemical fire repellant have been known to encourage the growth of bacteria. One New Zealand study has stated is one of the leading causes of SIDS, in combination with temperature & moisture.

The linen cover for our Bassinet Mattress is made from un-dyed, un-bleached & non-toxic European linen fabric, helps prevents the growth of any harmful bacteria.

The combination of organic 100% linen cover & flax tow stuffing acts as a natural fire retardant, meaning that no fireproofing chemicals are used.

Organic Bassinet Wedge

Our bassinet mattress is places inside on top of the wedge, this way It is safely attached and works by extending the mattress inside the bassinet, surrounding and protecting the newborns head from touching the basket. It also works as a slight wedge to help infants with Acid reflux while they are a sleep.

Organic Baby Sleep Sack

All parents are concerned about their babies comfort and safety while they are sleeping. With Wholesome Linen Sleep Sack there is no need to worry because of our exceptionally breathable natural organic fabric naturally regulates baby's body temperature and reduces the risk of SIDS. This luxurious baby sleeping bag will also save you from buying any other brand of sleep sack sizes and as TOG ratings because it comes in one universal size that fits babies 3 to 18 months old and it can be used year-round. 

After your baby has transitioned from swaddling, experts recommend your baby should graduate to a wearable blanket or a baby bag for sleep. Wholesome Linen Organic Sleep Sack is soft, high-quality, and features a 2-way zipper that makes it simple to use. Keeps baby warm winter months and absorbs moisture in the summer months. Easy care machine washable.

Water Repellant Waxed Linen Mattress Zip Cover

Made of 100% waxed linen making it a water repellant as well as washable and breathable. Zip cover crisp, tailored fit over the bassinet mattress. Medical studies have shown that babies sleeping in linen settle more quickly, wake and cry less, sleep longer and gain weight faster.

Organic Linen Bibs for Teething Rings

Wholesome Linen Elegant Linen Bibs are made with water repellant waxed linen and safe for newborns nickel free snaps which lets you adjust the bibs for your babies comfort. These Bibs are very gentle to the baby's skin that may become irritated and even more sensitive when babies are teething. Linen is easy to spot clean and machine wash and last longer than any other fabric. You can attach wooden teether or pacifier to the loop at the bottom of each bib, so that it never gets lost. Gift pouch in this set is made of the same waxed linen as the bibs and it was specifically designed to be kept as a storage pouch.

Organic Infant Car Seat Covers

Wholesome Linen Infant Car Seat Inserts & Covers makes any car seat or stroller ride cool and dry for your baby. This natural liner is made from 100% raw organic flax linen and also includes an internal flax fiber membrane. The universal design transfers easily between your car seat and stroller. The liner is built to be universally adaptable to most major US and European manufacturers

*Please note dimensions may vary slightly as these items are handmade.


Fits Tadpoles Moses Baskets and other bassinets with dimensions up to 32" x 12" x 9"

You can purchase Tadpoles Moses Basket HERE

Measurements may vary slightly (1-2") as these items are handmade

Bassinet Mattress 

Age birth to 6 months

Weigh birth to 18 lb

Size 28" x 12" x 1.7"

30" x 13" x 2" (with Bassinet Wedge )

Baby Sleep Sack  

Age 3 to 18 months

Weight 5 to 22 lb

Size 30" x 18" x 1"

Waxed Linen Mattress Zip Cover 

Age birth to 6 months 

Weight birth to 18 lb

Size 28" x 12" x 2"


Age from 2 months

Size 8.5" x 5" x 1"

Infant Car Seat Inserts & Covers

Age birth to 18 months 

Weight birth to 28 lb 

Size 28" x 12" x 1"

*Due to the custom made nature of these items they can't be returned or exchanged.


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