Organic Flax Bassinet Mattress & Baby Bedding for African Moses Baskets

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Wholesome Linen Baby Moses Baskets Bassinet Bundles crafted by hand from organic, natural, eco-friendly & sustainable plant materials. 


      1. Organic Flax Linen Bassinet Mattress 16"x29"2"(100% Linen/Flax fiber)


      1. Organic Flax Bassinet Mattress 16"x29"x2" (100% Linen/Flax fiber)
      2. Waxed Linen Mattress Zip Cover(100% Waxed linen) 
      3. Organic Linen Baby Sleep Sack (100% Soft Linen)


      1. Organic Flax Bassinet Mattress 16"x29"x2 (100% Linen / 100% Flax fiber)
      2. Waxed Linen Mattress Zip Cover(100% Waxed linen) 
      3. Organic Linen Bassinet Sheets (100% Linen)
      4. Organic Linen Baby Sleep Sack (100% Linen)
      5. Organic Linen Bibs & Teething Ring - (100% Linen / 100% Maple Wood)



        Baby newborns sleep an average of 18 hours a day in the first 4 months of their young lives. Choosing the right place to sleep in the early days is critical to babies healthy growth & development. 

        These natural Moses Baskets are handwoven by female artisans in Ghana from 100% elephant grass AND Wholesome Linen Organic Bassinet Mattress is crafted in Eastern Europe from OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified untreated 100% Linen fabric & raw 100% Flax fiber. 

        Today parents choose bassinets and moses baskets for their baby's first bed. Bassinet baskets are smaller than a cot and can be placed beside your bed during baby's early months. The lightweight portability of the moses basket bassinet makes it easy to keep baby close to you wherever you are in your house, and if you need to travel while baby is young they are easy to transport with you to your accommodation unlike a bulky and heavy portable cot.

        The Moses Basket Bassinets continue to be useful long after baby outgrows them, use them as a special family keepsake to be handed down from sibling to sibling or passed on to friends or family - they can even be used for toy storage or a pet’s bed!


        • Portable & easy to move around your house, or take away from home.
        • Includes Wholesome Linen Organic Flax Baby Bassinet Mattress
        • Suitable for babies from birth until they can sit up unassisted, roll over, or push themselves up on their hands & knees.
        • This bassinet basket is handmade from natural materials and may have slight variations in color and structure.
        • For African Moses Baskets L29xW16xH10 in


        PLEASE NOTE: The Natural Elephant Grass Bassinet baskets are larger in size at the base than our Natural Palm Leaf Moses Basket Bassinets

        ***Although these bassinet baskets are incredibly strong, they are not intended for carrying your baby in please make sure to transport your baby separate from the bassinet basket for their safety.

        Moses Basket Cleaning & Care

        Moses Baskets can be cleaned using water (Use of soaps or cleaning products can affect the natural dyes used on the product) Bassinet Baskets can get out of shape during their travels and this can be easily fixed! Re-shaping the baskets is as easy as spray the basket with clean water and reshaping using your hands while the basket is damp, leave it to dry in natural sunlight.

        With Wholesome Linen Moses Basket bundles whether you are in kitchen, living room, beside your bed or even to gramma’s house, your infant will always have their own comfy spot to nap.

        Please note basket dimensions may vary slightly as these items are handmade.



        Bassinet Mattress

        Weigh birth to 18 lb

        Size 30" x 13" x 1.6"

        31" x 14" x 2" (with Bassinet Wedge)

        Bassinet Sheets

        Age birth to 6 months 

        Weight birth to 18 lb

        Size 30" x 15" x 2"

        Baby Sleep Sack  

        Age 3 to 18 months

        Weight 5 to 22 lb

        Size 30" x 18" x 1"


        Baby Bibs & Teething Ring 

        Age 0+


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