Organic Linen Bibs & Wooden Teether

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Wholesome Linen Elegant Linen Bibs are made with soft unbleached flax linen for high absorbency with nickel free snaps which lets you adjust the bibs for your babies comfort. These Bibs were made with certified organically grown flax that has never been treated with any chemicals like bleaches or dyes, therefore it is very gentle to the baby's skin that may become irritated and even more sensitive when babies are teething. Linen is easy to spot clean and machine wash and last longer than any other fabric. The Wooden teether attaches to the loop at the bottom of the bib, so that it never gets lost and it is made of responsibly harvested Canadian Maple Wood. Gift pouch in this set is made of the same soft linen as the bibs and it was specifically designed to be kept as a storage pouch

Wholesome Linen Organic Bibs with Wooden Teething Ring Gift Set Includes:

2 x Organic Linen Bibs with Nickel Free Snaps

1 x Maple Wood Teething Ring

1 x Organic Linen Cross Stitched Gift Pouch

    • PERFECT TEETHING BABY GIFT - Designed to address the needs of feeding, teething and drooling babies
    • ADJUSTABLE BIBS - Made with soft 100% certified organic flax linen Natural ivory color is eye-pleasing and unisex. Each bib has three metal nickel free snaps for perfect fit and convenience and a snap loop at the bottom to keep the teething ring, pacifier of the favorite toy handy.
    • 1 WOODEN TEETHER - Made of 100% natural untreated maple grown in Canada. Silky smooth, naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. Perfect BPA free alternative for babies to chew on.
    • UNBLEACHED, HYPOALLERGENIC & ANTIBACTERIAL - Our organic linen fabric is safe to touch directly with your newborn baby's skin
    • SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING - The gift pouch that comes with this set is made of the same organic ivory linen as the bibs and it can be re-used as a storage pouch

    Age from 2 months

    Size 8.5 x 1 x 5 inches

    100% organic unbleached ivory linen fabric
    100% natural not treated maple wood

    Wholesome Linen Quality Certifications

    Wash & Care
    1. Remove any spots before the textile goes in the washer. Remove with dish soap: Wet the spot, apply a small amount of soap, and massage in or gently scrub with a toothbrush
    2. Put it into the washing machine alone, setting washer to ‘delicate cycle' with ‘warm’ ‘low water' settings
    3. Put minimal amount of non-bleach detergent
    4. Once the item is washed either hang to air dry (no heat) until slightly damp or tumble dry delicate with no heat also until slightly damp
    5. Iron on 'Linen' setting if needed
    6. You are ready to use again!

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