Organic Travel Pillowcase & Toddler Pillow Gift Set

$ 69.00

Organic Travel Toddler Pillow Gift:

1. Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow Insert
2. Organic Flax Linen Travel Pillowcase
3. Organic Linen Embroidered Gift Package

      Age 2 year old +

      Size 13 x 18 x 3 inches 

      Wholesome Linen’s most popular ‘Organic Tiny Toddler Pillow’ set is a must-have any 2 year old baby, toddler or adult for sleep, travel or nap time. The soft linen external shell is made from non bleached & non-dyed organic flax linen fabric providing cooling, antibacterial, antimicrobial benefits while you sleep. Our patent designed inner membrane made from raw flax fibers for increased pillow neck support and helps to prevent bed bugs. Fluffy pillow inserts included with premium hypoallergenic non-toxic cluster fiber filling, made in USA.


      • 100% organic external linen fabric
      • 100% organic raw flax fiber inner membrane 
      • 100% premium cluster fibers filling


      • Linen fabric high moisture absorption keeps your baby dry & comfortable
      • Internal flax membrane cools baby's skin avoiding rashes and irritation
      • Removable and machine washable linen case 
      • Hidden zipper makes it easy to remove the insert
      • 3 years warranty or money back guarantee
      • Great for travel and naps kids or adults

      Quality Features & Certifications - Wholesome Linen

      Care Instructions

      1. Remove pillow insert by unzipping flax linen shell and separating ONLY EXTERNAL FLAX LINEN CASE IS MACHINE WASHABLE / DO NOT WASH INSIDE OUT 
      2. Remove any spots from the external flax shell before the textile goes in the washer. Remove with dish soap: Wet the spot, apply a small amount of soap, and massage in or gently scrub with a toothbrush
      3. Zip-up the external flax shell and put into the washing machine alone, setting washer to ‘delicate cycle' with ‘cold’ & ‘low water' settings
      4. Put minimal amount of non-bleach detergent
      5. Once the item is washed either hang to air dry (no heat) until slightly damp or tumble dry delicate with no heat also until slightly damp
      6. Unzip external flax shell, stuff with pillow insert and you are ready to use again!

      Truly Chemical Free

      NO Bleach/Dyes/ Pesticides/Herbicides /Fungicides/GMO’s/Flame Retardants

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