Organic Toddlers Bedding: Sham & Quilt Set

$ 249.00

Wholesome Linen Toddler Bedding & Quilt Set includes: 

  1. Organic Linen Toddler Quilt stuffed with organic hemp and comes in natural light gray flax color

  2. Organic Toddler Pillow Set comes with fluffy insert and organic linen pillow case

Wholesome Linen Organic Toddler Bedding & Quilt Set is entirely created from eco-friendly European Flax with care for the planet and your babies healthy sleep & Wholesome environment. Premium quality, handcrafted from 100% organic linen fabric & 100% flax tow. All of the items are hand made to order. We guaranty superior workmanship and quality of our bedding.

Organic Linen Toddler Quilt

Hand Stitched Toddler Quilt is made from breathable 100% European Linen fabric and hypoallergenic flax & hemp town batting will naturally keep your toddler warm and cosy during long winter months without overheating and sweats.

Organic Toddler Pillow Set

Must-have for any 2 year old baby, toddler or adult for sleep, travel or nap time. Organic linen external shell is made from non-bleached & non-dyed light grey linen fabric providing cooling, antibacterial, antimicrobial benefits at contact. Our patent designed inner membrane made from raw flax fibers for increased pillow neck support. Flax lining helps to prevent bed bugs. Fluffy pillow inserts included with premium hypoallergenic non-toxic cluster fiber filling, made in USA.

    If you use a quilt blanket, ensure it is tucked around the sides of the crib mattress and covers your baby only up to the chest. 
    Recommended age for using our Organic Toddler Pillow Set is from 2 years old.

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