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Safe Sleep Tips for Babies

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Safe Sleep for Babies - Wholesome Linen Blog

Baby Sleep Safety has become essential reading for any current or future mamas and papas. Just like every other cause worth noting, Baby Safety gets it’s own month, which happens to be September is an opportunity to educate, remind and reinforce all the great lessons we have learned with regards to baby safety...

How Your Baby Benefits From Organic Bedding?

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If you hear the word “organic” in the context of a conversation about babies, the first thing that probably comes to mind is food. What your baby eats is not the only source of possible environmental contaminants. Did you know that crib mattresses are covered in a PVC or Vinyl coatings, which is now known for containing harmful phthalates? You don’t want your baby sleeping on – and breathing in – any of these kinds of toxins.
In this post we list 4 Wholesome benefits of organic bedding for your precious baby.