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Wholesome Traditions of Dying Easter Eggs Naturally

Wholesome recipe of dying easter eggs naturally
Easter weekend is now upon us. As the holiday calendar rolls into spring, we wanted to post a blog sharing with you one of our favorite Wholesome traditions of Dying Easter Eggs Naturally with onion skins and beeswax...

What Does 'Organic' Really Mean?

What Does Organic Really Mean? - Wholesome Linen Blog
Picture yourself walking into a grocery store,heading straight to the produce section, picking up 2 apples that look virtually identical.  The one in your right hand is shiny, red, no bruises, and the one in your right hand virtually the same, maybe a little smaller not quite as shiny but double the price.  The amazing fact that most of us would counter-intuitively choose the more expensive one due to the single fact that it is labelled with one simple but powerful word beside it.  That word is Organic.  The same concept runs true when we are purchasing things online. Quite often we find ourselves adding the word 'organic' to searches, disregarding price and availability spending our hard earned dollars to buy into the 'organic lifestyle'.  What is the actual definition of the word 'Organic' as it relates to the food we put into our bodies and the products we buy?

How To Make Dandelion Flower & Flax Seed Jam: Step by Step Guide & Recipe

Wholesome Linen Blog - Dandelion Flower & Flax Seed Jam Recipe
Dandelions, some people call them weeds, others harvest them for their medicinal value, we here at Wholesome Linen decided to mix with flax seeds and make a Jam...

Wholesome Local Products on display at Denver Spring Flea Market

Denver Flea Market - Wholesome Linen

The Denver Flea took over an entire city block in the RiNo area, officially kicking off spring in the Mile High City. Over 150 Colorado-centric vendors, displaying handmade goods from wholesome and organic materials for parents and their kids, please see below for a selection of some of Wholesome Linen's favorites!...

8 Reasons Why Flax Seeds Are Wholesome

Wholesome Linen

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8 Wholesome Benefits of Eating Flax Seeds

Flax seeds have many wonderful health properties. Here are 8 wholesome reasons why you should include them into yours and your family diet.