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Wholesome Eco Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

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Lil Red Fox - DIY Wholesome Linen Eco Halloween Costume
Anyone who grew up in the 80’s can remember those awful halloween costumes consisting of plastic mask and apron bought from your local Walmart. Today there is no need to pass down the horrible traditions to our own children. There are tons of alternatives to make halloween costumes more wholesome. Specially made handcrafted and knitted costumes can be purchased online or we can make due with household items if you are looking to pass on a 'do it yourselfer’ attitude to your lil tots. Here are 6 examples of Wholesome Eco Halloween Costumes for Toddlers.

5 Reasons Why Parents Love Wholesome Linen Toddler Pillow

5 Reason Why Parents Love Wholesome Linen Toddler Pillow
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Toddler Pillow Pop Up Bedtime Story The Little Prince / Le Petit Prince

Tiny Pillow Pop Up Bedtime Story by Wholesome Linen

We love bed time stories! Wholesome Linen is starting a new #ToddlerPillowPopUpBedTimeStory project for wholesome kids...

7 Tips For Better Mother & Baby Bonding


Happy Wholesome Mother's Day!

Here at Wholesome Linen we wanted to get to the heart of the bond between a mama bear and her baby cub and the importance of nurturing this special relationship.

How To Make Dandelion Flower & Flax Seed Jam: Step by Step Guide & Recipe

Wholesome Linen Blog - Dandelion Flower & Flax Seed Jam Recipe
Dandelions, some people call them weeds, others harvest them for their medicinal value, we here at Wholesome Linen decided to mix with flax seeds and make a Jam...